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2001 Plymouth Neon

Price: $500

Car Type: Car

Year: 2001

Make/Model: Plymouth Neon

Clear Title: Yes

Short Description: 2001 Plymouth Neon

Long Description:
For Sale: 2001 Plymouth Neon
Automatic, Front Wheel Drive

The Good:

New Front Tires
Coil Pack
Lower Control Arms
Lower Ball Joints
Tie Rod Ends
Oil And Filter Change
Transmission Filter And Fluid Change
Motor Mounts less than 2 years old

The Bad:

Needs Water Pump

Car is in very good shape compared to others of the same year. Very little rust on the body, under carriage is clean. Front drivers fender has a couple small dings and some surface rust, nothing major. Engine ran like a champ before the water pump went. As soon as the temp gauge started to come up I shut it down and had it towed to my house. Checked engine to make sure there was no damage to head, everything seems to be fine. Its a 500.00 dollar car that needs a water pump, so please dont send me a ton of emails asking pointless questions like its a 10,000 dollar car. NO I WILL NOT START THE ENGINE so you can hear it run. NO I WILL NOT TAKE PAYMENTS. If you cant afford to buy the car, you sure as hell cant afford to fix it. YES I AM OPEN TO OFFERS, but dont waste my time and yours low balling me. If you need a notary to do the title I have a guy close by. He DOES NOT DO PLATES, that up to you to do. If you are transferring a plate he can do that. I posted this car on some of the facebook sites a few weeks back, and it was nothing but a pain in the ass so i deleted it. Hopefully Ill have more luck on here. You can contact me text or call.

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