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1999 Honda Accord

Price: $500

Car Type: Car

Year: 1999

Make/Model: Honda Accord

Clear Title: Yes

Short Description: 1999 Honda Accord

Long Description:
Automatic Transmission ,Onlky 122k miles with 4 Cylinders 2.4 Engine that gives Up to 27 city / 36 highway MPG ,Front Wheel Drive,Alloy Wheels,Bluetooth,Rear view camera,Interior & Exterior like NEW condition

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Cars Under 500 - Joel TaylorWe got our Ford for $500 BELOW invoice, and this has to have been the easiest and smoothest car buying experience we've ever had. This is the only way to buy a car!

Joel Taylor
Vehicle: Ford Probe

Cars Under 500 - Ronnie DavidWe just purchased our Sable - our second successful purchase in your site. My husband and I used to tremble at the thought of buying a second-hand car, but we have come to really enjoy the process through your site! We tell all of our friends about your service, and you will be hearing from them when they're ready to buy their car. They can't believe the deals we've gotten.

Ronnie David
Vehicle: Mercury Sable


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