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1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Price: $450

Car Type: SUV

Year: 1997

Make/Model: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Clear Title: Yes

Short Description: 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Long Description:
Was our daily driver until 2 weeks ago. Still runs and drives ok but has a shifting problem related to the passing gear. The cable is broken so it wants to downshift all the time. I wired it up and it works temp but not all the time. The big reason its not driven is because the air stopped and since its hot as balls , we needed another car.Tires are bad. Interior is nice. good body parts and no rust. 250k miles but strong v8. Will sell just parts if you want. Not sure mva mailed me back the title so if you want it on the road it will cost you 50 bucks for the state of Omally and it will come in a week. Call the number in the pic, no texts or emails

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Cars Under 500 - Les & ShelleyWe were a little apprehensive at first but found the whole experience very easy. We are happy with our new car, it's just as described, in fact better. We saved approximately $30,000 on dealer price. It was the bravest thing we have ever done. Would buy off them again without a doubt. Thank You

Les & Shelley
Vehicle: Land Rover Range Rover

Cars Under 500 - Rudy AdrianMy son is over the moon with the condition of the car considering that it is pre-owned. He is ecstatic over the car's interiors and we are deeply impressed with the car's performance. We would recommend anybody to use for their next car.

Rudy Adrian
Vehicle: Chevrolet Camaro


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