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1998 Saturn SL2

Price: $500

Car Type: Car

Year: 1998

Make/Model: Saturn SL2

Clear Title: Yes

Short Description: 1998 Saturn SL2

Long Description:
Took this from a friend so he could get it off his lawn. Needed a water pump but before I made the repair I found out the cradle (sub-frame) was rusted on the drivers side. I dont have time to swap a better cradle on it so my loss is your gain. Im willing to part it out or sell it whole. Its a manual, has tan leather interior, full electronics including power locks, power windows, cruise control, and ABS. The headliner is falling down but all in all its not bad on the interior. Has 171K miles on it, engine and trans run fine, just needs the water pump replaced, or if you want the whole car drivable, a better cradle put on (do able on these Saturns). Has nearly brand new snow tires on it, used one season.

Engine and trans combo: $250 - you come and get it, Ill pull it

You can take it whole and repair it (doable with a junk yard cradle) or ask me for parts - but going to entertain whole car offers first. Negotiable on the price. As-is.

The car runs and drives as-is, just needs water/coolant topped off.

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Cars Under 500 - SophiaI was able to purchase my daughter's first car through your site. Lovely car, an excellent easy-to-use site and very helpful staff. Many thanks.

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Cars Under 500 - Richard WatkinsI found exactly the car I wanted at a far better price than I expected. I have long been dreaming of a beemer and you made it possible for me. Your site is just awesome!

Richard Watkins
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