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1994 Toyota Celica

Price: $500

Car Type: Car

Year: 1994

Make/Model: Toyota Celica

Clear Title: Yes

Short Description: 1994 Toyota Celica

Long Description:
1994 Toyota Celica, 340,000 miles, 5 speed manual, runs great, looks terrible! I just bought a newer car and I cant keep it. I hate to take it to the junkyard because it runs great! They will give me 250. Best offer and it is yours! You can drive it away and put historic tags on it because it is 25 years old. No safety inspection and no emissions inspection.
Recently changed parts include:
Rear Struts
Flex Pipe

Rear Taillight Harness

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Cars Under 500 - Ron HowardsThe salesperson who handles the internet inquiry helped me picked the best car for me. We found a good price straight up and after further checking around it was still the best price by far. We will pick the car up in a few weeks time. Very smooth, no hassles. Much better way to buy a car!

Ron Howards
Vehicle: Toyota Prius Hybrid

Cars Under 500 - Christie MooreI will never set foot in a car dealership again to negotiate a deal! You have enabled me to purchase a car in the most painless way possible. I got my Civic for only $497 about 3 times cheaper than what my local used car dealer was offering!

Christie Moore
Vehicle: Honda Civic


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