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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Price: $500

Car Type: Van

Year: 2005

Make/Model: Dodge Grand Caravan

Clear Title: Yes

Short Description: 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Long Description:
MECHANICS SPECIAL $500 or best offer.

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L, with Sto N Go seating, factory roof rack. Please see pics.

The bad: Engine is blown, air conditioning doesnt work (but I was close), CD player doesnt work. Battery is probably dead.

The good: Replaced within the last 10 years – Catalytic converter, rack and pinion, EGR.
Last 5 years –Multifunction switch on steering column,
Last 2 years – Support plate/Flex plate (between tranny and engine), Front blower motor, alternator, coil, wires, plugs, (1) fuel injector - story to follow, Rear hub and ABS sensor (RHS), both rear brake backing plates, E brake shoes and hardware, rear rotors and pads w/new hardware, Tranny filter and fluid. Several wheel studs, Rear shocks, Front rotors and pads, tie rod ends, radiator, thermostat, TPS sensor, Cam and Crank sensors, coolant temp sensor and muffler. (Apparently I needed to replace the waterpump.) I just got finished polishing the lamp assemblies (front and rear).

Extra parts! Spare set of rims, all 4 rotors which I believe could be cut and reinstalled, set of new rear brake pads, cam sensor (new) used crank sensor, used TPS, used coolant sensor (all of which are thought to be good) Did the cam and crank and fuel rail inspections before I found out what a support/flex plate was.

Cylinders 1 and 3 pistons disintegrated, piston rings are showing. Oil pan is off, heads are off. Dent in driver rear quarter panel and rust just repaired or painted. Rear bumper has been prepped for new coat of paint. I have the black rubber insert for the bumper cover. Rocker panels need attention, go figure. Please see pics.

It is in "fair" condition for having a blown engine. If interested I can tell you everything about the vehicle. If it was a four cylinder Id be replacing it. I dont do pushrod engines.

Please make a reasonable offer.

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