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1998 Honda Accord

Price: $500

Car Type: Car

Year: 1998

Make/Model: Honda Accord

Clear Title: Yes

Short Description: 1998 Honda Accord

Long Description:
1998 Honda Accord for sale

250k miles, original transmission, SLIPS, could just need fluid, not sure I dont have the time to work on it
Cold a/c

Great daily driver

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Cars Under 500 - Ron HowardsThe salesperson who handles the internet inquiry helped me picked the best car for me. We found a good price straight up and after further checking around it was still the best price by far. We will pick the car up in a few weeks time. Very smooth, no hassles. Much better way to buy a car!

Ron Howards
Vehicle: Toyota Prius Hybrid

Cars Under 500 - Christie MooreI will never set foot in a car dealership again to negotiate a deal! You have enabled me to purchase a car in the most painless way possible. I got my Civic for only $497 about 3 times cheaper than what my local used car dealer was offering!

Christie Moore
Vehicle: Honda Civic


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