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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can these cars be so cheap?

    Every day thousands of Americans default on their car payments, or fail to abide by certain laws which cause the law enforcement agencies to seize these cars. Banks and financial institutions also repossess vehicles as well. Because of the enormous expense to store all of these vehicles, the only solution is to sell them off quickly at extremely low prices. Other automobiles are simply being sold to buy newer or much cheaper models.

  2. So why doesn't everybody buy a car this way?

    These are closely guarded resources only used by dealerships and they are not advertised to the general public. However we have acquired tons of information and access rights to make available to our members, in turn enabling them to take advantage of these incredible bargains.

  3. Is buying a car online a better option?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to buying cars online. However, buying online is certainly a CHEAPER option. Searching for deals on the internet can save you a significant amount of money and you have the convenience of never having to leave your computer, or deal with an unrelenting salesman.

  4. What car make and models do you sell?

    We’ve got all makes and models you can think of. As many makes and models as you see on the roads, and there are going to be a lot of newer cars that were bought with loans, and luxury vehicles that were not paid for.

  5. What is the disadvantage of buying a new car?

    New cars cost are pricey and expensive. After paying a lot of money for a new car it depreciates in value instantly.

  6. How do I start looking for a car?

    Register in the site and receive unlimited access to our database of cheap quality cars.
    Click Join Now to begin your search for your dream car.

  7. What should I look for in a car?

    Always consider the reality of your needs. A two-seater sports car might be great fun for a single person but might not be right if you need to fit several kids and a spouse in it. Consider whether it will fit in your drive, garage etc. Measure it up. Consider comfort (try before you buy if possible), visibility, the color of the car, as well as your ability to see out of it - mirrors, windows etc.

    Ask yourself what you want a car for? What are your priorities? Low mileage, value for money, reliability or speed? Style and status? Take your time and research properly. Try not to impulse buy. Read consumer reviews like the ones at Review Centre to help gain unbiased views. Get as much information as you can about such a major purchase.

  8. How can I contact you?

    If the above FAQs do not answer your questions, contact us and send us an email at We will be glad to help you.

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